E32 - What is Lob(bying)?

Lobbying isn't the reactionary practice it used to be - today, lobbyists proactively spend billions enlisting politicians on their team, and match opposing votes by the dollar. K-Ray wonders: how does it work? What are the effects on the American public? And how in the Hell is it legal? The answers will NOT surprise you.

E31 - Drugs for Nerds

We're here, we're high, get used to it! Okay so maybe Kelli and Rachel don't work jobs that facilitate that lifestyle, but that's not the same for everyone. Microdosing is a geek's purported ticket to unlocking their hidden potential and coding the night away. Leave it to nerds to find a productive use for formerly recreational substances this week on Southern Hells!

E27 - Pyramid-life Crisis

Does your leader speak of lifting you up and showing you the way? Do you have amazing life-changing insights to share with your friends and family? Do some people just not understand how much you're trying to help them? If you identify with any of these three remarks you're either in a cult or an MLM. Kelli and Rachel are here to show you the light, with cold hard data. 

E25 - Learn You Bout Learnin

Prepare to feel as frustrated as a school age child in the South. Kelli and Rachel are talking education this week on Southern Hells! Like it or not kids today are your future coworkers tomorrow and someone has to pay for them to learn to read good and do other stuff good too. Buckle up because this magic school bus is taking a funding cut. 

E21 - The Cornbreadisode

It's National Cornbread Festival time here in the South! Kelli and Rachel talk about this national treasure and its cookware companion, the cast iron skillet. When is the last time you looked into the history of that beloved generational heirloom? We're standing solidly in the you've never googled it camp. Come and get it!

E18 - Toxic Masculinity

We know - it's a phrase that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But it doesn't have to be! Rachel and Kelli explain what toxic masculinity is, how it's fostered, and how it can have devastating consequences. We want men to be able to express their emotions without fear of ridicule, and we believe that shifting our social norms in that direction could save lives.

E17 - You Up?

We don't mince words here at Southern Hells - this here's a good ol' fashioned Bullshit-sode. You're looking at pure, uncut, Grade A K-Ray. It was only a matter of time before we recorded with no topic in mind, and frankly, we're surprised it took us this long.